Forest Lakes Property Owners Association


    The Forest Lakes Subdivision has been in existence since the early 1980’s.  In 1995, residents of this neighborhood formed an association, Forest Lakes Property Owner’s Association (FLPOA).  This association is responsible for ensuring the enforcement of the restrictions.  We have provided a copy of these restrictions in this website.

     Forest Lakes Subdivision is located in Bastrop County.  This subdivision is between the big city environment of Austin, the small town quaintness of Bastrop, and the college town life of San Marcos.  We are fortunate to have a convenience store in this area as well as local eating establishments. 

      Even though the subdivision roads are poorly maintained, remember the posted speed limit is 30 mph.  School buses pick up children on these streets so do not pass when there are blinking red lights.  We are fortunate that the subdivision roads are not thoroughfares.  Cars traveling on these roads (Forest Lakes, Headquarters, or Lakeview) belong either to people that live here, people that are visiting, or people that are lost. 

      Life is quiet is this neighborhood and that is what has drawn most people to this area.  You should be aware that all lots in this subdivision are less than 5 acres and because of this, the discharge of firearms is against the law.  If you have questions concerning the specific regulations for the discharge of firearms, please contact the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Department as 512-303-1080.

     There is a $25.00 annual maintenance fee for property owners and billing statements are normally issued before February 1 of each year.  Members of the association board prepare newsletters that provide information of interest to residents.  In addition, these members coordinate various community activities as well as handling the day to day operation of the association.


    We encourage you to know your neighbors, to attend FLPOA meetings, and to get involved in community activities.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact one of the board members or send us an email at


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